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All guests staying at Zaminka Dog Motels have individual, indoor accommodation that is warm, clean and spacious. Each dog has its own, private area, though they can see other dogs in adjacent pens.

Zaminka Dog Motels

We are a small kennel and we do not house any dogs with others (from different families), nor do we put dogs in tiny pens on top of one and other.

The accommodation includes a Kuranda bed that is raised off the floor, for sleeping and resting on. Guests are more than welcome to bring along their favourite blankie if it makes their stay more enjoyable (but NO bean bags please). Fresh water is available 24 hours per day. For our larger boarders we have double units, which are also used for two or more dogs, only ever from the same family.

All accommodation provides protection from the extremes of weather. We have radios playing to our guests during the day. The radio is turned off at night to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. All dogs are exercised at least four times per day. Most guests are exercised in small groups because we believe the dogs have a more satisfying experience by mixing and playing with others. Those who prefer their own company are entertained individually by our staff in separate areas.

Dogs over 12 months of age must be neutered or spayed to board, Or by arrangement if dog is too young or a purebred.



Yes! We are open 7 days a week!

Sunday - Friday: 7.30am - 11.30am & 4pm - 6pm daily

Saturday: 7.30 - 11.30 & 5pm - 6pm

Christmas Holiday Hours

From 27 Dec - 13 January 2025

Extra charge commences after 11am

'Pick up and delivery service' Please enquire

Please Note: The day you arrive, regardless of time, is classed as the first day of boarding.



We feed BLACKHAWK to all our guests. We use this food exclusively to our show dogs with great results and feed the best to our guests as well! We've got other yummy food to give any dogs that are not fussed on dry food. We have lots of very tempting Chicken Mince, Veal and Heart Mince etc to help coax your pet to enjoying meal time. We provide a "Mighty Mix" biscuit first thing in the morning and main meals in the afternoon. If your dog is on a different or special diet, we can accommodate this too, however there is no reduction in our price. We prefer to use our own brand of food, and ask that you do not supply your food unless your dog is on a Veterinary prescribed diet. (We just haven't got enough storage space!!)

Zaminka Dog Motels
"Mighty Mix"

Ingredients:- Wholegrain Cereal, Meat by-products and fats (beef and mutton), Vitamins & Minerals and Antioxidant, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Garlic, Flaxseed Flour, Kelp, Green Lipped Mussel, Eggs.


Our guests are taken outside for toilet relief and play time four times daily. We have lovely grassy areas and gravel as well. We do not have concreted exercise areas. Dogs have a wonderful time playing with their mates and at night it is very quiet because everybody is so tired after so much stimulation!

Returning home....After my holiday, I may be just a little... Tired and Sleepy

I've been so busy playing with my friends and barking at my neighbours - I'm worn out! I had so much fun and hardly slept a wink. I may need to rest awhile before I'm ready to play again.

Zaminka Dog Motels

I worked up quite a thirst from all that playing and barking, I'd love some water, but don't let me drink a lot at once or I may get a pain in my tummy. (Of course I've had plenty of water available all the time, but there's no place quite like home!)

Zaminka Dog Motels

My bark may sound a little scratchy at first. That's because I had so much to tell all my new friends about. The more I talked the more hoarse I've become. Don't worry my normal voice will return in no time at all.

Zaminka Dog Motels

Sometimes my poops can be a little bit soft (diarrhoea) and that may be because my tucker has changed a little bit. I may have been a bit anxious and of course I've missed you terribly - these things can sometimes upset my tummy. You may need to fast me for a whole day so my tummy can adjust. (Did I just say not to feed me? Oh my!)

Charging Policy

Please note our charging policy, which is as follows:

  • We count the number of days that our guests stay with us, not the number of nights. All our activities (feeding, cleaning and exercising happen during the day...)
  • We charge for the day our guests arrive, irrespective of their time of arrival. (Like any motel/hotel)
  • We charge for each day thereafter, until the day our guests leave.
  • If they leave before 11a.m, then we do not charge for that day. If they leave after 11a.m then we do charge for that day.
  • A longer term stay does require an initial and then successive payments during the stay.
  • We accept Cash or EftPos as payment.


Christmas Bookings

Open after each Easter weekend.

Space is limited at this time of the year and filling up fast!

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Preference is given to dogs that have been boarded with us before and have a good - to very good rating. Please try to board your dog for a day or two prior, to be sure he/she is comfortable at our place:-)

  • Minimum duration of booking is 7 days;
  • Payment of $100 booking fee taken at time of booking which will be included in the final amount. Please note that this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to other bookings. There is a surcharge of $5 over the Christmas period.
  • No blankets or toys please.
  • We supply all food. Please do not bring other food unless your dog is on a veterinary prescribed diet.
  • Dogs MUST be neutered or spayed to board.
  • Holiday Hours: 27 Dec - 3rd Mon in Jan 8a.m - 11am & 5p.m.- 6p.m
  • CLOSED - Christmas Day/Boxing Day, New Years Day & 2nd January
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Check List


Dogs - All dogs must have current vaccines against Distemper, Parvovirus Canine Hepatitis, and Kennel Cough (covering Bordetella strain).

Vaccinations, MUST be given at least two weeks prior to arriving at our kennels. If there is no certificate presented, we cannot board your dog.

  • Current vaccination certificates must be presented upon arrival prior to boarding.
  • All immunisations must be completed a minimum of 14 days prior to boarding.
  • Should your pet be due for de-worming and/or de-flea please have this done a minimum of one week prior to boarding.
  • You will be required to provide an Emergency Contact Name and Number. This should be someone who is able to take your pet in the instance of an emergency.
  • Medications can be administered. Please label clearly. (No charge for this service).
  • A vet is on call 24 hours per day. Any veterinary fees incurred during a boarders stay are passed on to the owner.
  • You are welcome to bring your pets own blanket (no bigger than a baby blanket please) and toys. Please note - no beanbags or toys that can cause choking. Please be aware though that dogs can react differently in a boarding situation and, whilst we take every care, we are not able to guarantee the condition in which the bedding may be returned.
  • For security reasons, all dogs must be on leads before they exit your car.
  • Never give sedatives to your pet, or calming medicines before bringing them - these are not used or needed here.
  • Payment is by cash, or eftpos - sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

Day of Arrival

Zaminka Dog Motels
  • Make sure you have the vaccination card.
  • Please do not feed your pet before arriving, they will be given a meal soon after their arrival with us.
  • Please do not give special treats. This is an exciting time for your pet. We do not want to cause any stomach upsets.

Please remember: NO VACCINATION = NO BOARDING. We have no exceptions to this rule. This helps protect your dog and other dogs from the risk of spreading or catching harmful diseases.

Dogs need to be wormed and de-flead within three months before arrival. We recommend Advocate, Frontline or Advantage flea treatments.