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Zaminka Dog Motels offer a full Bathing and Grooming service by appointment. If your pet is boarding with us, we can schedule grooming for their check out day. Outside appointments are taken every week day. Having been involved in grooming and preparing Show dogs for more years than they care to mention, both Gary and Lyn have the experience and expertise to make your Pet look like "A Million Dollars" from head to paw!

The cost for such services is time based. It is not possible to list all our charges, owing to factors such as breed, size and coat condition, etc. Please call us to discuss your pet's requirements. Pricing is determined on the individual pet and is based on the size of the pet, behaviour, and condition of the coat.

We strongly recommend frequent grooming of your dog to keep it looking its best as well as for good health. We will not take dogs that are not groomed regularly. It is too hard on the dog, not to mention our groomers!

Prices: Depends on the condition of the coat and the length of time the treatment takes, the behaviour of your dog.... Please enquire, we will try to give you a ball park figure.

Regular Coat Care

Many of the 'designer' breeds, such as Poodle mixes and Bichon mixes, require much more maintainance. (Something that needs to be considered when purchasing these types of dogs. These dogs require visits to the groomers more than most wives!:)

Many breeds of dogs, and not just the little ones, require regular and frequent brushing. Without brushing, it doesn't take long for the little knots and snags to become patches of matting, which then become bigger areas of felted fur that are impossible to brush out.

Matted fur must be removed, because as it tightens and grows it pulls in more of the fur and then the skin. These areas restrict movement and become painful. It is common for them to trap odours, collect urine and faeces, harbour bacteria and hide fleas. A matted coat is a bad, bad thing and can be prevented by regular brushing.

Nail Clipping Dogs need their nails trimmed on a regular basis, usually very 4 to 6 weeks. Untrimmed nails can affect the comfort and health of dogs. As a result these dogs develop sore feet, legs and hips and overall discomfort. Just walking with too long nails can be a painful experience. Our groomers trim nails with a professional nail grinder as part of the grooming package.

We reserve the right to clip off any heavily matted dog - it is cruel to groom out masses of knots! This may involve an extra charge. The welfare of any animal is always our main concern.

If there is any other service you require, please don't hesitate to enquire. We are here to assist where ever possible.

Before & After Bath and Groom

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before after

Grooming Pets To Perfection

We love our dogs, they are part of our families of course. When we first set eyes on the adorable little bundles, there are a few things that never cross our minds. Are they going to get huge? Will they still be cute? Are they going to be easy to train? One thing that a lot of people do not think of is the grooming requirements. Sure, some dogs, especially short coated ones, kind of take care of themselves. That is not true of many breeds. Pet grooming is a huge business for people who are too busy or not skilled enough to do it themselves. We want our pets to look nice and more importantly, to smell nice.

Zaminka Dog Motels

There are many pet shampoos, brushes, combs, moist wipes, deshedding tools, and things to trim nails on the market. Some of our pets resist our best efforts to keep them looking spiffy. In that case, a professional groomer is in order.

Grooming takes patience. "Sit still!" works somewhat on dogs. Poodles, schnauzers, cocker spaniels, and the like need regular trims to keep their coats in check. A matted coat is smelly and unattractive and can be detrimental to skin health. How will you find fleas under all those mats? Don't even get started about nail clipping. The tiniest dog can be the biggest challenge to achieve this seemingly simple task. Yes, we all know that we should start early in the pets life to get them used to brushing and nail trimming, but we are way too busy playing with them. Some of us do not have the patience for it. At the first sign the "baby" is not happy, we stop. They whine, growl, or heaven forbid, show their teeth and we are convinced that we are somehow injuring them.

Check the phone book. There are groomers galore. There are even places that allow you to use their tubs, hand held showers and towels, for a price. It's kind of like a pet carwash. Doesn't sound like much fun. The upside is that your house will not get messy, but you will get soaked. A professional groomer can coif your pet to perfection. Just drop them off and go shopping. When you return, your little darling will be picture perfect. No more razor sharp nails, clean ears, a lovely haircut and some dental scaling is done. Wow, all you have to do is pay for it and enjoy your lovely, clean pal! The groomer's work is done and all you have to do is keep Fluffy from jumping into a mud puddle on the way home.

Now there are those pets who do not take to grooming. Some of them are downright terrified at the thought of some stranger working on them. A patient, experienced groomer will take his or her time to comfort your pet and put him at ease with the clippers and other equipment.

So remember before you take that sweet little poodle home, he or she will need to groomed on a regular basis. Keep that in mind when considering the cost of raising a pet.

We reserve the right to clip off any heavily matted dog

Nail Clipping:

Free of Charge, when other services are utilized.

Clipping and Trimming:

Experienced groomers for dog breeds (e.g. Poodles, Poodle mixes, Bichons, Bichon mixes) which require regular coat trimming.


A 'shower-like' apparatus, which allows the operator to direct warm, soapy water progressively all over the dog's body - ensuring a very thorough cleaning. It is also very effective in helping to remove shedding coat. Even for dogs which are normally reluctant to be bathed, the Hydrobath is a relaxing and soothing experience, to be enjoyed.


Only rarely needed because, naturally, all our clientele are well looked after by their owners! However, if necessary we have the right treatments to be effective.